Friday, March 23, 2018

How to Motivate Yourself (a.ka Myself)

Hello there!

Well, i don't know how to write a proper post since i've been so long not written some. The proper post i've ever made was back then in the middle school when i was active in this blogging things.

Anyway, in this post i want to share my kind-tips-and-trick about how to motivate yourself (a.ka myself escpecially). 

I don't know why, but lately i feel like demotivate in life. I know, life is hard, college is hard, final exam is hard, especially working on thesis is hard (Why do i so pessimist saying everything is hard? lol) I'm stuffed with everything and got tired with society and social life. I get sick with things i need and have to do. Sometimes i want to cry, but i can't and i don't know what should i cry about. In other time, i want to curse and get angry or scream and release all those negative feeling inside of me, but can't and in the end i bottled up with those things. When something like that hit me up, what choice do i have? I still need to walk on through all of this. 

So, this is what i do when i get those feeling haunt me.